PianOrquestra stands out for its originality and quality with a work involving four pianists, a percussionist and a piano prepared.

Considered one of the “10 best concerts of the year” by Jornal O Globo; received the highest score of the 3 Americas to participate in the Classical Next showcase in the Netherlands and has sold out seasons in the main theaters of Brazil (Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Curitiba, Brasília, Belo Horizonte).

Drumsticks, guitar picks, nylon strings, rubber sandals, metal, wood, fabric and plastic pieces, PianOrquestra explores the infinite possibilities of timbres and sonorities produced by the piano, transforming the instrument into its own orchestra.

PianOrquestra has musical direction by the renowned pianist Claudio Dauelsberg, who performs alongside the pianists Marina Spoladore, Priscila Azevedo and Veronica Fernandes, and percussionist Masako Tanaka. The group explores in an unprecedented way the ethnic elements of the Brazilian roots, in virtuous interpretations, without giving up the sensitivity, delicacy and lyricism, in a repertoire that contains samba, ciranda, suddenly, maracatu, among other Brazilian rhythms mixed with contemporary world influences.

PianOrquestra has been impacting audiences and garnering great media attention for its quality and originality since its debut in August 2003. With the release of the DVD in 2007, the group has achieved a very unusual media range for the music business instrumental quality. It was cover of the Culture Brochure of the main newspapers of the cities that has performed.

The group has participated in TV shows such as Fantástico, Altas Horas, Faustão, Programa do Jô, Partituras, Terra Brasilis (MusicBox Brasil), Start (GNT), Instrumental Sesc TV, Jornal O Globo, Canal Curta, among others. Awarded by Rumos Itaú Cultural and by Telemar in 2005, the group is a constant presence in important stages and music festivals all over Brazil. They have two DVDs released with great success and recognition of the public and the media, crowding theaters all over Brazil.

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