To design is to give form to an idea, to a thought, transmitting a message. It is about using one’s own knowledge to create, to inform and to thrill.

DESIGN PROPRIO offers soulful design with fresh eyes, new measurements, and an innovative spirit since it is often influenced and presented in conjunction with other artistic expressions, such as music, theater, cinema, and literature. Because of this holistic approach, the design transcends itself and unfolds into new ways of perception.

Elis Ribeirete has been working in visual design, stage photography and cultural production for approximately ten years. She has worked with design, conception, and realization of numerous projects approved through municipal, state and federal incentive laws, besides her own independent productions.

Elis is a graphic designer, photographer, and producer with creative services:

- Art direction, graphic and digital design
- Photography
- Social Media
- Cover artwork and packaging
- Branding and logo development
- Artist Development
- Management, consulting and mediation service for artists
- Creation and development of artistic projects
- Planning of concerts and cultural events