BG Trio _Desvelando Mares_ photo by Dary

"As a descendant of a family and a mixed-race country, I've always admired the richness that the blend provides. I have always been a searcher for unity, unity for diversity; always identified and rooted in my Brazilian lands".
As a friend of creation, the composition clearly revealed its source of origin, showing form on the debut album, "Dreams of Birth", 2013 and the following, "First Sky", 2015.
Since the first album, Julio Falavigna and Antonio Porto gave me their hands and we have traveled together. Their stories have brought me new horizons and my Brazilian heart can feel many of the different sap that pulsed within this tree that makes me." Defines itself, the pianist and singer Bianca Gismonti, that takes that feeling and history to the stages of the world through her trio.

Bianca was born in a family of musicians and always had the house full of musical influences, in a associate with dozens of artists. Daughter of the composer and musician Egberto Gismonti and the actress Rejane Medeiros, Bianca naturally followed the way of composition, combined with the excellent performance on the piano.

In 2005, she premiered his work with Duo Gisbranco (piano duo with Claudia Castelo Branco), which has three albums and a DVD produced by Canal Brasil, allied to partnerships with musicians like Chico César, Jaques Morelenbaum e Mônica Salmaso. 

And in about six years ago, Bianca's voice and piano joined Julio Falavigna's drums and Antonio Porto's bass, resulting in 03 internationally released albums with international tours that toured Europe, Asia, Africa and South America.